Brauhaus zum Löwen

Food Menu

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Enjoy Thuringian cuisine, historical charm and a variety of home-brewed beers!

Warm cuisine from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. & 5 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday until 11 p.m., Friday - Saturday until 12 a.m.


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Fine potato soup
mit root vegetables     6,40

Clear beef broth
with herb pancakes and vegetable julienne      6,20



Flammkuchen - Tarte flambée

Mühlhäuser tarte flambée
with plum jam cream, camembert, walnuts and mild red onions      9,90

Tarte flambée classic
with sour cream, bacon and onions      9,90

Tarte flambée mozzarella
with sour cream, tomatoes, rocket, mozzarella and balsamic cream      9,90




Pretzel filled with butter     3,90

Pan-fried rösti
with fresh rocket, tomato, sour cream and mountain cheese     9,90
with country ham     12,10 €



Cold & Light

Mühlhäuser Sausage Salad
marinated meat sausage with onion and Hainich gherkin, buttered pretzel     12,90

Thuringian aspic
with remoulade sauce, Hainich gherkin, onion, egg and fried potatoes     14,80

Vital salad
Sautéed chicken breast strips with a light touch of chilli, served on fresh lettuce,
garnished with fruit, balsamic dressing, ciabatta and butter     16,20

Veggie Bowl
Chickpea and sweet potato salad, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carrot, avocado,
boiled egg, baked falaffle balls, mint yoghurt and toasted sesame seeds     15,50

(vegan version without egg and mint yoghurt)

Jacket potato with herb curd cheese     7,50

Fresh mushroom heads
sautéed in garlic oil, served with jacket potato and sour cream-garlic dip     13,90

Small side salad     4,90



Hearty Beef

Rump steak of Angus beef (180 g)
with herb butter, bacon beans and fried potatoes     25,30

Rump steak of Angus beef (250 g)
with braised onions, potato dippers and sour cream     32,50

If you do not order a specific cooking level, we always serve the rump steaks medium.

Big Brauhaus Burger
200 g juicy beef in a wheat bun, topped with lettuce, tomato,
cucumber, onion, cheese, egg and bacon     17,00

Jacket potato
with sauteed beef strips, herb curd cheese, fried onion rings and sweet corn     18,80



Brauhaus Specialities

Crispy Chicken Burger
with tomatoes, rocket, parmesan and guacamole in a wheat bun     16,90

The Original Braumeister Steak
Pork loin steak with a mustard and onion crust on a roast jus, potato dippers,
served with sour cream, salad garnish
small     13,90 | large     17,20 

Beef roulade
home-style, Thuringian dumplings and Hainich red cabbage with apples
small     14,40 | large     21,40 

Pork knuckle
crispy baked, on Hainich sauerkraut and fried potatoes with roast jus, mustard     18,90

Trout "Müllerin style"
without middle bone, with herb butter, boiled potatoes and a side salad     19,80

Redfish fillet
on Dijon-mustard-onion sauce with fried potatoes and cucumber salad     20,80

1 metre original Thuringian grilled sausage (coarse)
with Hainich sauerkraut, bread and mustard     23,00

Thuringian grilled sausage (fine)
on roast jus with Hainich sauerkraut, fried potatoes and mustard     15,50

Veal liver
on roast jus, with braised onions and mashed potatoes     20,70



Schnitzel Corner

Krüstchen pan
Schnitzel with onion-herb cream and set egg on spicy potato wedges
potato wedges served in the pan
small     14,90 | large     18,70 

Schnitzel Viennese style
Pork schnitzel with french fries, salad garnish
small     14,40 | large     16,40 

Schnitzel Waidmanns style
Schnitzel with creamed mushrooms and croquettes, salad garnish
small     14,90 | large     18,20 

Schnitzel of chicken breast
with mashed potatoes and green salad with granny's lemon cream dressing     18,90

Small side salad     4,90



Kids Menu

Octopus Paul
Hedgehog sausage with gravy and mashed potatoes     8,30

Italy's favourite
Spaghetti Bolognese with vegetable mince sauce     7,30

Fiete's Catch
Fish fingers with crispy fries, served with ketchup and mayo     7,30

3 potato pancakes
with Hainich apple puree, cinnamon and sugar     7,90

Chicken nuggets
with french fries, ketchup and mayo     7,90

All children's dishes and prices as a menu with ice cream.



Sweet Treats

Sweet surprise 3some from the Brauhaus kitchen     6,90

Warm apple strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream     6,90

Forest berry ragout with a scoop of vanilla ice cream     6,50

Sweet Thuringian potato dumpling
Potato balls with chocolate filling in a crispy amarettine coating on vanilla yoghurt     7,40



We look forward to your visit to the Brauhaus.

Please reserve a table in advance by calling +49 3601 / 4710 or an e-mail to info(at)
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